Plan Checkup Process

Unbiased Independent Advice

We believe that the future of financial and retirement planning is going to leverage the best of technology and human interaction to deliver unbiased independent advice in a more efficient, transparent and holistic way.

NewRetirement and NewRetirement Advisors have been built from the ground up to give people control over their own plan and finances.  Anyone can build a plan and if they want additional support we can provide it on a fee only basis.

We don't sell products and you don't need to move your money if you don't want to.  

An initial Plan Checkup is a fixed fee service designed to provide a lot of value and help us discover if there is additional value to be had with an ongoing relationship.

Typically the key value in a Plan Checkup is identifying any plan gaps and opportunities to make immediate improvements that can have material long term benefits.

Longer term advice relationships can revolve around tax efficiency, monitoring, regular check in meetings and taking well considered action to maximize income and wealth while managing risk.    

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